aodl, Muse Pile 2013

aodl, Muse Pile

  1. A Snide Beating
  2. Muse Pile.enomics
  3. Bucket in Crete

Double live concrete recorded at West Merediths, July 2004. Lust and pure grudge fuck brutality in the electric heat of summer storms. The first full-length AODL after Redbox, a harsh wall of feedback and noise. Slow and beautiful. Now remastered with greater clarity, deeper tectonics. Let Muse Pile break your body down.

Listen to a sample, feel it for yourself.

All Editions

  1. First Edition CDR (rive039), count unknown, given out at live shows autumn 2004.
  2. Second Edition CDR (rive039), count unknown, available online early 2005.
  3. Third Edition CDR (rive039), edition of 13, remastered in early 2006. First "proper" edition.
  4. Fourth Edition C60 (FUC 84), Fusty Cunt Tapes. Remastered early 2013. New artwork. Awesome sound. Free of the criminally low runs and limited access of the original editions. Vitamin enriched. You know the kind I mean.
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