audio elw - engineers in army coats

released 12 1997

E.I.A.C. is the most drone influenced guitar dominated release from the elw and au leni! collective. this follows up on work started on the Deluxe Orbital Hygiene tape (a tribute to early 90's drone artists and friends of Au, Leni! the discoLicious Thunderthighs), which was the first realization of the initial au leni! plan. in the year following the completion of EIAC, a return to the noisier roots of audio elw has taken shape in the core group, making this a unique mark in the rivcs catalog.

Engineers In Army Coats covers the works Potomac (choppy), Hit, Quantico Station, Rappahannock (smooth night), and SK-Oneder. All pieces except Hit were recorded after the move of comfort 209 studios to Virginia.

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