EUCCI, gdbodycount

  1. gd1904; my tv wife.
  2. gd1905; ELW one minute no silence, one minute suspended detonation.
  3. gd1906; Eucci

A new entry in the gdX series, compiled with the high range of the reported civilian body count in the Iraq War of 2003 was tabulated at 1904. The compiling and remixing of the tracks (all of which originate around a single guitar chord by my tv wife) took the better part of an afternoon. Between the time of the track naming and the time this is posted, the high range on the body count is up to 1939. In the span of a couple of hours, the equivalent of an overflowing United States schoolroom of death has been counted, in a war that has yet to be justified.

Written and recorded by My TV Wife, The Audio ELW, and Eucci Autumn 2002 - Apr 2003. Edited and Mixed at Meredith Gallery April 17 and 18 2003.

© Eucci & Co. 2003; (pub) rive 2003;