Eucci La Mer / Storm Summer Girls

Eucci, La Mer

Eucci, Storm Summer Girls

4. M (live)
5. SB
6. L

Eucci's tiny sounds take us to the beach - three beaches in fact - and then into the mountains for three variations on a summer storm. Rain, sun, piers, lakes, joy, sea, nostalgia, and longing sink and sing beneath the currents.

Tracks 1,2,3, produced by Eucci at Merediths, spring 2003. Tracks 4, 5, 6 produced by Eucci 2002-2003, based on "Rainstorm" by Summerhead (Holmes, Svedin) courtesy of Eden's Watchtower Records.

Remastered January 2011 by Eucci at Sunhil.

Photography by J.Shell for Eucci, 1983 & 2003

Rive 028; © 2002-2003 Eucci; ℗ 2003 Eucci; ℗ 2011 Eucci, Rive.