1.dust concerto 003
2.dust concerto 004
3.dust concerto 005

From the Rapid Composure Series 2003, featuring the North Rutherford Chamber Society. Piano, direction, and engineering by J.Shell for Eucci.

Vocals on dust concerto 005 by Sackloth and Ashes featuring Jessie and Ellen, recorded 1994 by J.Shell for Sackcloth and Ashes/ELW.

For M. Merryweather.

Bright Lights and Cold Wet Sand

4.October Flake Eyes
5.Ded Bunny Clouds
6.Bright Lights and Cold Wet Sand

October Flake Eyes built from moments of quiet tape left running during the original Piano Rose sessions and conversations by J.Shell and SB for ELW in 1995.

Otherwise, recorded spring and summer 2003 by J.Shell for Eucci.

For Storm Summer Girl #2

© 1994-2003 Eucci, Sackcloth and Ashes, ELW;
Pub. 2003 Rive 029
Remastered, 2009 by J.Shell for Eucci.