The Audio ELW,
Sleeper #4721

  1. A Misaligned Coil
  2. Resurrection Restraint
  3. Sleeper #4721
  4. A Violent Compression

Up one path and down the other. Four tracks by Jeff Shell and Cybele Roland for The Audio ELW, recorded late 1999. "Resurrection Restraint" recombines the soundtracks for the Unusual Restraint paintings and may be seen as a precursor to Eucci with its sparse analog production. "Sleeper #4721" is exactly what it says it is, with a bonus trip to the market. "A Misaligned Coil" and "A Violent Compression" basically untouched from their appearance on the long gone album "The Earth Shrunk On Speed".

FXB/DCA/PHI/NYC, summer, fall, and winter 1999-2000

Initial assembly at kA East, Fredericksburg, VA, 1999.
Remastering, recompilation, reassembly at Eucci Sunhill, SLC UT, Spring 2008.

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The Audio ELW
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  1. electroacoustic
  2. musique concrete
  3. field recordings
  4. minimalism
  5. low power electronics
  6. analog
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