eucci, Lemonal

Eucci, Lemonal

  1. enammldon
  2. vortdub 4,3,5
  3. merianthem (was lemonal)
  4. dynoflite dump
  5. flop tasteloop.W

After the subterranean claustrophobia installations have been put away and the champagne epics have ended, Eucci returns with a fresh fuzzy electronic beatfilled beast. Throbbing basses, punchy kicks, dreamy rhodes, scintillating thumb pianos, humming organs, and melted scattered drums all contribute to this fine piece in the unofficial line of Ofiliasc [rive056], Dirty Modern Tapes [rive052], and Storm Summer Sunhill [notype 105].

Rive 062 © 2012, ℗ 2012 Eucci, Rive