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  1. We're Such Peer Creatures. (mp3, 62:35)

Another luxury urban environment from those halcyon days of Luxury Spring 2004, finally seeing the light of the world as part of Eucci Year 20 (y20). All generated sounds this time, unlike apt. An hour long bus ride through the old neighborhoods or down the canyons; an hour long meditation from high above Meredith Street; an hour for you to make your own; an hour with a silvery shower in its shuffling middle.

Finest ambient drones and generations from the world that spring.

So hypnotized that when closing my eyes I had almost zero frame of locational reference, including to the chair I was in and the window my feet were hanging out of; some grip was needed to ensure I didn't push forward too far in this physical space.

Outside of it, I saw two distinct forces. Swirling and charcoal, moving like gods. I want to call them redemption and annihilation. Yet I know that each is very much both. And both forces are strong in not only their own individual being, but in these names I yearn to give them. These two forces, their strengths differ, but only in relation to distance and time to their direct and indirect effects upon the author.

I stood, hoping to avoid their notice, feeling their winds.

R / A, DDEC 7 Apr 2004

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