Like the city, we're bound to last.

  1. Halcyon | gd1906
  2. Turbulence Adjustment Proceedings on Whisk(e)y Valentines | monotown | A Dirty Texas Sea | Warm Like a Puffin
We tumble along the stairs of St Patricks talking about our youth. We stumble downtown and along Orchard Street, listening to the inevitable jazz of our old contemporary age. We're punks in soft camel jackets, smoking large cigars with our bankrolls and spiking our hair to eternity. Like the city, we're bound to last.

Coinciding with the end of The Audio ELW in Christmastime 1999, "Halcyon" marked the beginning of Eucci. The sounds of Murray Hill at night are preserved and looped and mangled in the earliest Eucci recordings, executed one minute at a time onto Minidisc before what was probably a rough assembly in Quicktime. "Halcyon" was released on cassette as Field Recordings #8 on some long forgotten label in early 2000. Eucci at its earliest and most earnest, the sounds of the city I chose over the girl who helped me record them.

"gd1906" originally appeared on the Eucci/ELW/My TV Wife split album "gdbodycount", recorded 2003.

"Turbulence Adjustment Proceedings on Whisk(e)y Valentines" recorded spring 2004.

"Monotown" is based on conversations with Jonas Lindgren in 2000-2001 and was part of some lost collaboration or compilation idea. Recorded 2001-2003. A secret ode to old time country music.

"A Dirty Texas Sea" recorded 2004-2005, and is named for my vision of a friend's favorite hideout.

"Warm like a Puffin". Exactly what it says on the advert.

Compiled and edited 2004-2008. Kicked about and tossed around 2008-2014. Final mix enhancements done December 2014.

15 years. Eucci's finest. To be listened to with Scotch of equal age, sitting shirtless on a cold metal chair high above the city streets.

© 2000, 2004, 2014, ℗ 2014 Eucci, Rive.

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