EUCCI, Oceanfront

  1. The Ferocity Orchestra
  2. Base Lineage
  3. Miami Blue
  4. The Changing of the Light
  5. Summerhaze (1994)

A new summer tape 21 years in the making. Four new tracks from 2015 and one from 1994. Gear ranges from Pocket Operators, OP-1, Volcas, Trogotronic Gran Fury Minisynth, to Amiga 500, Tape loops, Yamaha PSS-140, SK-1, Ibanez Time Machine, and more. Tape carries a memory - manipulating tape on pocket operator transmissions found a match for a 1994 pile of summer midday headache daydream champagne loops. But there is also room to dance.

The Changing of the Light is dedicated to my beloved greyhound Betty Joan. We spent the weekend this album came together lying and walking in the spring sunshine and enjoying every minute of it. The Changing of the Light was the rug that tied this album together, and I listened to it frequently on our walks that weekend. I have happy pictures of Betty laying in the sun on our patio between walks and naps. Betty passed away suddenly just two days later. She was nearly 12 and was with me for almost 10 years. She loved to lay in the sun on the patio. I like to think that this strange little track captures some of that sunshine patio bliss. For Betty Joan, June 17 2003 - March 25 2015.

All material by JPS for Eucci.

© 1994, 2015, ℗ 2015 Eucci, Rive.

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