EUCCI, travelops​[​eq​,​tape]

  1. Cardinal
  2. Bridgeport, California Zephyr

Using the OP-1 as a modern folk instrument, this short single was written and recorded on a cross country train trip, utilizing local signals and the writer's fancy.

Cardinal is an old style industrial piece utilizing FM radio static and some manufactured/manipulated drum sounds, recorded on Amtrak #51, "The Cardinal," somewhere around the borders of West Virginia and Kentucky.

Bridgeport, California Zephyr samples an impromptu tabletop noise session AODL (Eucci), Fatale, Personal Injury Lawyer, and Arvo Zylo and loops and droops it into decaying feedback barriers. Original sample recorded in the Bridgeport neighborhood of Chicago, played and recorded on the OP-1 on Amtrak #5, "The California Zephyr" across the plains of Iowa and through the Colorado Rockies, into the Utah desserts. Often under beautifully stormy skies as seen from the observation car.

All material by JPS for Eucci.

© 2015, ℗ 2015 Eucci, Rive.

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