aodl, Harborlust

  1. Days of the Old Zone
  2. Flashing Mud Brook
  3. Carnegie Boxing
  4. Drum Silo
  5. The Steelmark Variations
  6. Perpetual Oppression Machine
  7. Skepticism and Decadence (Why We Fight)
  8. Concrete Washout
  9. Riveryard (live at kA)

Accidental very-old-timey industrial album. Slow, deep, and growling synths and beats permeate this latest AODL album in a style that is still very much AODL. All tracks done live in the studio (track 9 being a full live rehearsal). All sequencing and synchronizing done in hardware between different small synths and a handful of modules, straight to tape.

Most heavily used equipment: Mute Synth II (Dirty Electronics), Trinity Drum 1.1 (Bastl Instruments), TM-1 Waveshaper (Metasonix), Monotribe (Korg), and MF-107 FreqBox (Moog).

All material by JPS for AODL.

© 2015, ℗ 2015 AODL, Rive.

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