Eucci, Land's End

  1. Emol H14
  2. Theme for No Romance
  3. Flipper's Cascade
  4. Land's End
  5. Emol 132b
  6. Cutalic [tfm]
  7. Sometelitpoly
  8. Roll32,Fly10

The verdant shores are far behind these rocky glacial bays and inlets. The brief arctic autumn is coming to an end. Eucci's strongest and most finely crafted beats and sounds are made for these lands. Cold and strong. Warm and resistant. The cold upheaval that breaks beneath the quiet in the land.

For EF and our Silent Alaska Noise Tour 2016. For CR and KC and our LGL Winter Sessions.

All material by JPS for Eucci.

© 2016, ℗ 2016 Eucci, Rive.

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