Fixed or Not, That World Is Gone

  1. The Saturnal Combustion
  2. The Emptychost
  3. The Tinma Nenvi
  4. The Sppcity Tango

we strive to connect from one world to the next. which do we prefer? another Eucci travelogue starts with a saturnal ritual from a stagnant lounge. it brings us to the delta of the emptychost and its empty ghosts. This emptychost presents itself in the tradition of finest Eucci navigational classics as "In Marianne District", "envi", and "Bright Lights and Cold Wet Sand", but a new narrative for a new and uncertain location. From the dead world river structure of the emptychost we go on to the tinma nenvi, the collective of the halo district's brightest and most burnt out. the evening ends back on the river, back in the safety of the city we pretend to like, dancing and dining and trying to remember why we made the jump, but also knowing we're never going back.

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