1.idlewild mk1
2.in the bowery
3.tuscany court ih'ladriel
4.idlewild mk0

Tracks 1 and 4 recorded summer 1999 in an airplane hanger, Long Island NY. Blissful sunny day, driving in convertables full of equipment from the city singing loudly. Track 2 recorded in the bunker, downtown NYC, summertime 1999.

Track 3 field recordings made in Murray Hill, NYC, 21 December 1999. Percussion recorded in Salt Lake City, UT, USA 29 december 1999. Compiled and mixed in Fredericksburg, VA, USA 5 January 2000, the second-to-final ELW sessions featuring Cybele Roland, who was so instrumental in all of the locational recordings done throughout 1999.

Packaged by Eucci and Kate Cheuffer
11 December 2001
In memory of many things.

© 1999 The Audio ELW;
Pub. 2001 Eucci / JSW Online;
Pub. 2003 Rive 022