e e e , er , e l w , er , e e , a a a a a h hell
cybele lies crushing

ELW stijl

. APR 2008: `Sleeper #4721`
{ remastered and recombined memorable journeys, platforms, knobs, and terminals }.

. JUNE 2003: `Tied You Up, Placed in Tube`
{ tape and reels on public display of bound girl }
. new album soon


. Independ were the radioELW broadcasts, the limited free tape because 1999 needs an enemy ., the tape cooler muse , (four nights of audiotactilerotica, see right), many releases on mp3.com and other mp3 sites, and the venerable THE EARTH SHRUNK ON SPEED album (available through mp3.com)

see eras.

liberation! elw:gd+ is poo

return: new york elw 1999 (rive 022 2003)
mp3LW (free porn), internet single for sake of shutting you up
(winter/spring 2) audio elw plays whitefield,
featuring a new live at kA performance!
because 1999 needs an enemy (migraine meds)
(forgotten) E.I.A.C
The Piano Rose Tragedies (viva la cybele)
Images (photos)
(old project 010) d'embers
< euc.cx

Aeras (hsstorydiscography)

occured 05 09 1999
live at kA

the ELW remain folded into EUCCI