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Whoa. John Edwards looks to come in second in the Iowa caucuses.

When MoveOn had their online primary a few months ago, I spent some time comparing the different candidates, but have to admit that I didn't look too closely at Edwards. My vote went to Kucinich, even though I knew he was and would be a long shot. I like Kucinich and know he's come from an interesting background. And I have to admit that since then, I haven't looked too closely at the other candidates, partially because I knew the field was still shifting.

CNN has just projected Kerry to be the winner. Kerry is another interesting man. I have not looked at his plan/policies too closely. But the December 2003 Atlantic Monthly published a portion of Douglas Brinkley's upcoming "Tour of Duty" book about John Kerry's experiences in Viet Nam, taken from Kerry's war notes. It was a compelling read, and I'm looking forward to picking up the book. It's a really good insight into a young man serving (as an actual soldier, not as a photographer nor skipping out on flying planes in Texas) as a patrol boat operator in Viet Nam.

Now that the field of candidates is going to narrow down (slightly), I think it's time for me to take another look at the candidates. But - it is very nice to see some actual goddamn energy from the Democrats who have been so lethargic (and at times, downright pathetic) over the past few years. Stupid DNC...