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In getting back to showing how to make a Todo List application in Zope X3, I've made a new category covering the simple todo application. Coming up next, I'll show how to write a custom skin for the todo list to give the application its own look, and how to write some new views and adapters to start making the list usable.

But before I continue, I'd like to remind the audience that this is based on How to make a todo list program with Rails 0.9. It's a simple and well written application, and I'm wanting to show Python programmers that they needn't necessarily copy Rails - that there are existing solutions for Python that, in my opinion, fit the Python mindset better. If you want to program in Rails, by all means just learn Ruby and use Rails and enjoy it. But me - I like Python, I have existing applications and libraries in it, and as I start to really explore Zope 3, I'm getting really excited about using it, which hopefully I can do in near-future work related projects.

Using the Rails Todo List example is how I'm finally pushing myself to investigate building a simple but complete Zope 3 application. There may be better ways to accomplish some of what I try here. I'm no Zope 3 expert. I have followed its development and had a hand in some of the concepts early on (many years ago), but have not had the chance to build anything substantial until now. So I thank the authors of the "How to make a todo list program with rails" document for generating some excitement and giving me an idea of something to build, and I hope that they don't mind my usage of what they document as basis for my explorations.