Self Referencing

Jeffrey Shell, Sunday, 15 Aug 2004

Inside of a dream, a conversation sparks up about an earlier dream.

Dreams referencing other dreams. The general content of the dream itself was great and terrible enough, but I'm surprised my head didn't explode. I want to be aware the next time this happens, so that I can seize the moment and take control of the dream and see what happens when the subconscious's subconscious goes on display.

It was more than just a recurring element. Hell, the subject herself has been a recurring element for nigh unto a decade (more or less... a little less). But in the dream I said “Oh yeah! I forgot to tell you about the dream I had about you a few months ago!”, referring (again) to Peer Creatures.

This is Self Referencing, © Sunday, 15 Aug 2004. It is part of Perfect and Unbelievable Hearsay, which is part of euc.cx/ddec.

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