Perfect and Unbelievable Hearsay

Jeffrey Shell, Wednesday, 12 May 2004

Dense and Idiot Letters, Forever!

Story blasts in search of a master.

Single Blink Encounter
Crushing Nostalgia Punch
A Play in One Half Bursts
Ghosts + [x] are the fires of life.
Broken November Morning
Time alone with flurries and books.
Wrecked at Rekkd's
Weekend confessional at Marianne Rekkd's
Self Referencing
Inside of a dream, a conversation sparks up about an earlier dream.
First Excerpt of a Neon Sigh
Storm Summer Whisperings
Last Posh Glare
Sometime Summer 1999, Downtown
Overlooking the valley from an overpriced monument.
Bus Stop Changing Rooms
Apparently, bus stops are just fine for changing clothes.
Swamp Scream and Ice
The opressive heat, the swamp noise, was no match for his exhaustion.
Cigarette smoke soothed as the wind hit his back.
Dead Lines, Southbound Blankets
Dead end phone calls to the south, placed outside assorted convenience markets.
Redemption Failed
Redemption was still annihilation.
We're Such Peer Creatures
One Half of Twain looked at me, cocked her head, and replied, "We're such peer creatures."
Fay fell hardest for the recorded electric hum of the asylum's subterranean power system.
Heavy 30
It rattled the windows and faded the city view to grey.
By the time the ambulance came, its medics moving far too slowly to be real, the gashes were already closing.
Easter 8
How many lives could possibly intersect that street?
Bangs and Camel
And there, again {briefly} was the couple-weeks-ago ghost made flesh. Unfortunately, unresolved.
Breath vs. Breath
A rain walk through the city to the office this morning. My heart, as usual, was in an anywhere-but-here mode (rain in cities raises memories of Philadelphia and stapled pain pricks in coffee shops).
Laa 3, div. 2, emoted
A powdery fragrance note rides the edges, like some notes in subtle colognes and perfumes.
Ghost Unbound
Bound together in different shape.
Environ in Apt Resplendence
What does it say of our environment when we can manufacture a new environment by building successive layers of the existing environment and find dazzling tonal pleasure by mixing the two?
R / A
I stood, hoping to avoid their notice, feeling their winds.
Ghost Walk Aborted
Wrecked after whiskey and breakfast, I contemplated a ghost walk in the name of further self torture and boredom, but aborted.

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