1994 - 1996.1

The Mind Sounds Off
C60, 1994. rivcs001 (rive-001)

Momenterily, I did not fly
C60, 1994. rivcs005 (rive-005)

Shocked Is Silver
C60, 1994. rivcs006 (rive-006)
Recorded live at kA
To Hold Back The Night parts I-III; Splenetic Abreaction.

Seven Watching Mindsnatched
C90, 1995. rivcs007. (rive-007)
split with Beyond The Veil.
Lonesome God Humming (Audio ELW) - 1. e'ahlahmm; 2. wrong god dead; intermezzo for voices; 3. tragedy's velvet name; 4. your roses ending; (Audio ELW) ;The Chris Lake Genetic Church (Beyond The Veil)

The Great Egg Uprising of 1975
C60, 1995. rivcs008 (rive-009)
E'ahlahmm; Cursing Upon Gods; Pain Circumventing Loops; Bucket of Eyes (A Tribute to Blonde Eugene); Egg Was Mad; The Triumphant Egg Choral Gathering in May; A Trapped Piano Weasel.

lace d'embers
C60, 1996. rivcs010 (rive-010)

1996.2 - 2000

Deluxe Orbital Hygiene
C60, 1996. rivcs012. (rive-012)
A tribute to The Discolicous Thunderthighs.
Anomolous Pop Entrance (Audio ELW); Pop Clutch Quick Quick (Discolicious Thunderthighs); Systems Failure (Au, Leni!/Audio ELW); Operationals(Au, Leni!/Audio ELW); Mi Fate Schifo (Au, Leni!/ELW); Systems Check (Au, Leni!/ELW);

Engineers In Army Coats (w/my tv wife)
C60, 1997. rivcs013 (rive-013).
Potomac (choppy); hit!; Quantico Station; Rappahannock (smooth night) ; SK-Oneder

Because 1999 Needs an Enemy
C60, 1999. rivcsb1999. (rive-b1999)
Because 1999 Needs an Enemy; Accelerate Kate Moss

Audio ELW Plays Whitefield
C60, 1999. rivcs014 (rive-014)
spring into hate; whitefield (live at kA); piano rose; the bathroom fixtures soundtrack; warehouse; cruelfield

Cooler Muse
C60, 1999. rivcs016 (rive-016)
live at kA.
05 10; 05 09; 05 11; 05 12

Modern belongs to us
DAM-CD, 1999
The 35k Glimmer Ring; Free Porn; in the bowery; a market flower; Summer Dress Fire; Asleep in Larva Hall; Split Test Pattern Akula; Rhapsody in Riot; Idlewild MK0; Idlewild MK1

The cooler muse
DAM-CD, 1999. live at kA. (also released on rive 026, 2003)
05 10; 05 09; Whitefield

The earth shrunk on speed
DAM-CD, 2000 / rive-019, 2000
A misaligned coil; An unusual restraint 1; An unusual restraint 2; Coloured glass destroys hate; Tuscany Court ih'Ladriel; Local #4721; Sleep, volume IV; The earth shrunk on speed; Chromatic platforms and terminals; A violent compressions; Let it be and no holes barred; Spring into hate*; A wreck couture;

new york elw 1999
rive-022 2003
idlewild mk1; in the bowery; tuscany courth ih'ladriel; idlewild mk0

2003 - ....

gdbodycount (appears on)
rive-024 2003
"one minute no silence; one minute suspended detonation"