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A lot has been going on around these parts lately. Heartache, frustration, disappointment, new hopes, new beginnings, and more. First up is a new living/working space for myself as well as new office space. Thanks to some fancy rapid moves, I'll soon be living in an artist studio in a row of converted warehouses I used to marvel at when younger. As the euc.cx mini-empire grows, this is a huge benefit. I'll be able to return to larger paintings, more spray (and hopefully print) work. I plan on re-learning electronics as well so I can start building my own sound modules. I'll be giving up a wonderful view and my beloved gas stove, but will be surrounded by galleries and studios and a local 'zine. I'll also be near the summer Farmer's Market. And nicest of all, our new offices are just down the block from me. I won't even have to cross a street. At most, I'll have to cross through a gourmet food market where one can find glorious things like Squid-Ink Spaghetti and Kinder Eggs.

On the audio front, there's a new Eucci release, The Mercer, a quiet electro-acoustic composition. aodl has a healthy set of live performances lined up over the next few months, playing before artists international and one state over.

I've been impressed lately with tools like QuickSilver, Ta-da lists, and BaseCamp. I've also been really impressed with paper. Good old fashioned A4 sized legal pads for work, a couple of different notebooks for personal life (I'm excited for the new Moleskine Pocket Reporter Notebooks). It's been interesting to observe a similar excitement for paper going on around the digital world. There's something great about simplicity and manual syncing. I use Ta-da lists to keep tabs on groceries and books to get, and write them down as necessary.

HBO recently announced that The Wire Season 4 will come in 2006. Oh happy day!