AODL, Finest Harsh Beast


November 2015! AODL returns to Florida for St Pete Noise Fest, Nov 6-7 2015 and presents Grandview Manifesto C20 FEB-077 Nov 2015. A return to ultra harsh form, available now on Forever Escaping Boredom.

July 2015! Accidental small synth big noise industrial bullshit Harborlust now available for download from Rive.

March 2015! Downloadable album and CDR Salt Lake///Sun Coast from AODL and Vasectomy Party on Forever Escaping Boredom. This one is a harsh slab of brutal noise and nuanced soundmaking.

You missed it! Feb 14 and 24 in Salt Lake City. Two shows, two different setups. One big. One small. One just the way you like it.

November 2014!, new downloadable split album AODL & Dental Work Split on Placenta Recordings.

September 2014!, new downloadable album (and very limited tape), Shatterbrain Harriet finally brings dead collaborations screaming back to life.

June 2014!, new C22 split with Juice Machine available on Forever Escaping Boredom. Dense? yes. Glitchy? yes. Noisy? fuck yes. A split worth having? Double fuck yes.

June 2014!, new online album Debris of Romanticism is here in all its fine and driving fury.

You missed it! Dromez, AODL, Burst Therapy! Area 51, Apr 23 2014.

July 2013! Bed Store Morality is available to download from Control Valve.

July 2013! A new AODL news page and feed is available.

June 2013! Arsenblotz 63 pro C32 from Red Light Sound IS AVAILABLE!. Finest pro tape and download.

February 2013! A fresh and voluminous edition of the AODL classic Muse Pile has been remastered and re-issued by Fusty Cunt tapes. Get it while it's dripping.

Fans of Flesh and Textured Wrecks still waits for no one.