euc.cx is home to the personal works of Jeffrey Paul Shell, performed under the names Eucci and AODL and released under various names such as Rive and Sunhil/Sunhill Studios. Finest harsh noise music, electroacoustic, and electronic experiments. Since 1994.

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Electroacoustic musique concrète, beats, tapes, wanderings, and longing. Finest minimalist art and audio since 1994.

Dirty Modern Summer Series 2020 LP rive085 2020. what may have been finely crafted beat-heavy performances if there was a world in which one could perform.

Mechanism for Facing the Unshakable Void LP rive084 2020. Live broadcasts. 7 & 12 Apr. 2020

"Fixed or not, that world is gone." LP rive082 2019. we strive to connect from one world to the next. which do we prefer? another Eucci travelogue

Lineage of Ghosts LP rive081 2018. Finest icy desolation ambient for heart summer heartbreak. The romanticist is run over by the glacier. Available on Bandcamp, Apple Music, Spotify, iTunes, Google Play, YouTube, Amazon, Tidal

Aria Kaleid LP rive080 2018. Deeper still into far northern forests, under the moon and blankets of pine. Most intricate chords and rhythms yet. Available on Bandcamp, Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Google Play/YouTube, and Amazon.

Rainbow's Raven EP rive079 2018. Tape music society variations of KC 29Q from Aria Kaleid, plus patio music.

Burlington Route Everywhere West LP rive077 2017. Searing techno and fractured drums. Steel rails and rubber scraps across the desert.

The Calm Left Center of Resistance EP rive076 2017. Finest chilled ambient meditation tones for strength and vigor.

Land's End LP rive075 2016. Finest precision glacial beats and tones for dancing at the top of the world.

Mimeotin DL 2016. Control Valve 061 (Control Valve) Another round of body electric study recorded with a wide range of electric contact instruments, with drunks and teachers or critical isolation as appropriate.

On Verdant Shores LP rive074 2016. Finest new age ambient warmth and memory. A spring travelogue. An affair with the woman on the balcony. A day in the hills and a night in the city.

In Marianne District LP rive073 2016. Field recordings, drones, microtonal details, and all those Eucci traits in a longform composition spanning 2001-2015 and across continents.

travelops[eq,tape] EP rive 071 2015. Industrial grooves and decaying loops, written and recorded on cross country trains.

Oceanfront EP rive 070 1994, 2015. Dance grooves and melty tape loops. For laying in the warm spring sun.

"Like the city, we're bound to last." LP rive 068 2000, 2004, 2014. From earliest days Eucci in 2000 through Luxury Spring 2004 and beyond, a masterwork of ambience and electroacoustics. Many years, many locations, one fine pour.

envi. LP rive 065 2004, 2014. More life from Luxury Spring 2004 as finest meditative ambience and silvery spring rain.

apt. LP rive 034 2004, 2014. Field recordings of life during Luxury Spring 2004.

Dirty Modern Tapes, Summer 2013 EP rive 064 2013. Return to analog electroacoustic generations and installations.

Lemonal EP rive 062. Finest throbbing basses, punchy kicks, dreamy rhodes, organs, and tapes.

Last of the Champagne Epics EP rive 060. Finest variations on Paganini for piano and continental divide.

The Mercer Installation LP rive 059. Finest live installation and performance of The Mercer.

Pachyderm LP rive 009 1994, finally available! Finest early days tape collage.

Ofiliasc EP rive-056 2010.

Coast Days and Cruel LP no type annexe 026 2008.

Storm Summer Sunhill LP no type 105 2007.



Finest harsh noise and temperament.

Honey Wolf LP rive083 2019. Live action pocket sized AODL, 2018 - 2019.

Grandview Manifesto C20, DL FEB-077 Nov 2015. A return to ultra harsh form, available now on Forever Escaping Boredom

Harborlust LP rive 072 Jul 2015. Accidental very-old-timey industrial album. Slow, deep, and growling synths and beats permeate and slide through the subtle noise and grime.

AODL & Vasectomy Party "Salt Lake///Sun Coast" DL,CDR FEB-073, Forever Escaping Boredom, Mar 2015. Brutalist studies regarding Florida and desert concrete.

AODL & Dental Work Split DL PR#261, Placenta Recordings, Oct 2014. Strangers on a train.

Shatterbrain Harriet C32, DL rive 067 Sep 2014. Screeching slabs of dead collaborations.

Juice Machine/AODL {split} c22, on Forever Escaping Boredom. Dense slab of atmospherics along with the noise. June 2014.

Debris of Romanticism DL, June 2014. It is a force.

Bed Store Morality DL. Control Valve 046 (Control Valve). Body electricity, dancing in the time-split heart of an atomic blast.

Arsenblotz 63 C60, DL. RLS032 (Red Light Sound). Survivor's love, a mastery of savage analog maximalism.

Muse Pile Remastered C60. FUC 84 (Fusty Cunt Tapes). The harsh storms return in a stronger, larger edition.

Southern Muscle C32 rive 063. Dread, doom, death, and disco (or is it new wave?). Also available for download at bandamp.com.

Wanted Valley LP rive 061. Throbbing knobs and pulses, undercutting metallic shifts and screams.

Fans of Flesh And Textured Wrecks 10", sometime 201?

Depravity Day C60

Hard Cobble Abdomen LP



Finest audio recordings since 1994, 2003.

rive085 Eucci, Dirty Modern Summer Series 2020

rive084 Eucci, Mechanism for Facing the Unshakable Void

rive083 AODL, Honey Wolf

rive082 Eucci, "Fixed or not, that world is gone."

rive081 Eucci, Lineage of Ghosts

rive080 Eucci, Aria Kaleid

rive079 Eucci, Rainbow's Raven

rive077 Eucci, Burlington Route Everywhere Whest

rive076 Eucci, The Calm Left Center of Resistance

rive075 Eucci, Land's End

rive074 Eucci, On Verdant Shores

rive073 Eucci, In Marianne District

rive072 aodl, Harborlust

rive071 Eucci, travelop[seq,tape]

rive070 Eucci, Oceanfront

rive068 Eucci, "Like the city, we're bound to last."

rive067 aodl, Shatterbrain Harriet

rive066 aodl, Debris Of Romanticism

rive034 Eucci, apt.

rive065 Eucci, envi.

rive064 Eucci, Dirty Modern Tapes Summer 2013

rive063 aodl, Southern Muscle (C32)

rive062 Eucci, Lemonal

rive061 aodl, Wanted Valley

rive060 Eucci, Last of the Champagne Epics

rive059 Eucci, The Mercer Installation.

rive009 Eucci, Pachyderm.

rive058 eucci_.deadscsi_.bits;

rive028 Eucci, La Mer / Storm Summer Girls (Remastered).

rive057 Eucci at the Jenifer St Western.

rive056 Eucci, Ofiliasc.



Sunhil studio life and alternate projects.

The Audio ELW, Legendary defunct electroacoustics.

My TV Wife, stars and starlets.

ready to wear, spring/summer 2000.


laa, limited editions.