Ghost Walk Aborted

Jeffrey Shell, Sunday, 4 Apr 2004

Wrecked after whiskey and breakfast, I contemplated a ghost walk in the name of further self torture and boredom, but aborted.

After breakfast with friends this morning, left back to my own abandon while my body continued to vibrate at the wrong frequency [hangover], I contemplated a ghost walk. I wandered slowly hoping a bus would show, and if it did, I'd hop on board.

It did.
I did.

But realizing that my bladder was full and my psyche was drained, I hopped off at the university and wandered the grounds. Foolishly without camera. I saw potential shot after potential shot. So I stood there, again listening to A Thirsty Fish, reading The Atlantic and waiting for the train with the conference going crowds in springtime sunday best. The ghost walk lay aborted.

After a stop at the book store [and restroom], I came home, stopping by the market to restock beer and cigarettes. Feel asleep watching Dog Day Afternoon.

Had I wandered down that path, this is where it would have likely began. One of these days...

This is Ghost Walk Aborted, © Sunday, 4 Apr 2004. It is part of Perfect and Unbelievable Hearsay, which is part of euc.cx/ddec.

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