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AODL, Bed Store Morality on Control Valve (Download)

The latest release from AODL, Bed Store Morality is now available to download from the Control Valve label as Control Valve 046. Bed Store Morality, recorded during the spring of 2013 and assembled and mixed at Sunhil is one of the most fun AODL pieces yet.

Fell Anything! (from tip to shining tip)
Involved getting or denying the energy from the body (tip) to cable (shining tip), through an array of envelope followers, FM synthesis, vacuum tube waveshaping, arpeggiating octave fuzz, etc; balancing acts of instability surround, gate, and measure the cocksure flow.
House of House and Wind
Is a reminder to duck and cover; a dance party in the time-split heart of an atomic blast.

Download Bed Store Morality (zip file here) today.


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