finest recordings since 1994, 2003



rive085 Eucci, Dirty Modern Summer Series 2020
what may have been finely crafted beat-heavy performances if there was a world in which one could perform.
rive084 Eucci, Mechanism for Facing the Unshakable Void
Live broadcasts. 7 & 12 Apr. 2020
rive083 AODL, Honey Wolf
Live action pocket sized AODL, 2018 - 2019
rive082 Eucci, "Fixed or not, that world is gone."
we strive to connect from one world to the next. which do we prefer? another Eucci travelogue

y24. 2k18

rive081 Eucci, Lineage of Ghosts
Finest icy desolation ambient for hot summer heartbreak. The romanticist is ran over by the glacier Available on Bandcamp, Apple Music, Spotify, iTunes, Google Play, YouTube, Amazon, Tidal
rive080 Eucci, Aria Kaleid
Deeper still into far northern forests, under the moon and blankets of pine. The most intricate chords and rhythms yet. Available on Bandcamp, Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Google Play/YouTube, and Amazon.
rive079 Eucci, Rainbow's Raven
From Eucci and The Kate Cheuffer Tape Society comes fresh electroacoustic variations of 'KC 29q' with all the warmth and jammed ribbons one could desire. Sister EP to Aria Kaleid.

y23. 2k17

rive077 Eucci, Burlington Route Everywhere West
Relentless searing techno and yearning ambience for summer train rides across the empty deserts and abandoned river valleys.
rive076 Eucci, The Calm Left Center of Resistance
Chilled ambient meditative tones for strength and resistance tuning. From deep in the shelves of the tundra.

y22. Oh, 2016!

rive075 Eucci, Land's End
Finely crafted glacial beats and runoff. The verdant shores are far behind these arctic bays and inlets. Intricate machine-stamped strength for dancing at the top of the world.
rive074 Eucci, On Verdant Shores
Finest new age ambient warmth and memory. A spring travelogue. An affair with the woman on the balcony. A day in the hills and a night in the city.
rive073 Eucci, In Marianne District
Fresh Eucci long-form compositions and recordings, spanning from 2001-2015, featuring field recordings from 'S-Hertogenbosch NL around and setting up for Eucci's performance at Earational 2001.

y21, The 2015

rive072 aodl, Harborlust
Accidental very-old-timey industrial album. Slow, deep, and growling synths and beats permeate and slide through the subtle noise and grime.
rive071 Eucci, travelops[eq,tape]
Written and recorded on a cross country train trip, sampling West Virginia radio and a Chicago living room noise session. A short single utilizing the OP-1 as a modern day folk instrument.
rive070 Eucci, Oceanfront
A new summer tape running the history. Four new tracks from 2015 and one from 1994. Tape carries a memory - manipulating tape on pocket operator transmissions found a match for a 1994 pile of summer midday headache daydream champagne loops. But there is also room to dance. The Changing of the Light is dedicated to Betty Joan, loyal and lovely greyhound companion of JPS at Eucci. Jun 17 2003 - Mar 25 2015.


rive068 Eucci, Like the city, we're bound to last.
15 years in waiting. 8 in the making. Eucci's finest from the very earliest and most earnest sounds to the bluegreen world of Luxury Spring 2004 and beyond. To be listened to with Scotch of equal age, sitting shirtless on a cold metal chair high above the city streets.
rive067 aodl, Shatterbrain Harriet
Dead collaboration lines dredged up and left on the beach to finish. Featuring Tia Martinez (Radio Club, I Hate Girls With Bruises) and Erik Adams (Sonic Disorder) in long abandoned late night happenings restored and smashed and ruined so that life may continue.
rive066 aodl, Debris of Romanticism.
Finest harsh driving noise and guttural disdain. Still pissed. Still rampaging through the fields. Still projecting beyond itself. It's AODL. It is noise. It is new. It is a hundred and one years old. It is a force. Celebrate brutality.
rive065 Eucci, envi.
Another luxury urban environment from those halcyon days of Luxury Spring 2004, finally seeing the light of the world as part of Eucci Year 20 (y20). All generated sounds this time, unlike apt. An hour long bus ride through the old neighborhoods or down the canyons; an hour long meditation from high above Meredith Street; an hour for you to make your own; an hour with a silvery shower in its shuffling middle.
rive034 Eucci, apt.
Field recordings of life during Luxury Spring 2004 are finally released as the first of the y20 series. Six different hours across six days overlaid into one harmonious unit.

Summer/Fall 2013

rive064 Eucci, Dirty Modern Tapes, Summer 2013
A return to the Flex Loft Showcase at Montague Scrap, Summer 2013, featuring the Cell System AODL nascent modular. Generative installation electro-acoustics as a follow-up to Flex Loft from the 2007 edition.

Spring/Summer 2012

rive063 aodl, Southern Muscle
A fresh rivcs 32 minute cassette. Back like we never left. Back like it's 1999 still needing an enemy. Dread, doom, death, and fine new wave beats? Southern Muscle has it all. Finest harsh AODL styles spread vigorously across both sides. Never a quiet moment. Perfect for grave rolling.

Update, June 2013 Now available for streaming and purchase at Bandcamp.com.

rive062 Eucci, Lemonal
Throbbing basses, punchy kicks, dreamy rhodes, scintillating thumb pianos, humming organs, and melted scattered drums all contribute to this fine piece.

Spring/Summer 2011

rive061 aodl, Wanted Valley
Throbbing knobs and pulses, undercutting metallic shifts and screams. Analog headbang. Recorded in preparation for and recovery from Denver Noise Fest 2011.
rive060 Eucci, Last of the Champagne Epics
Theme of a variation for three players, two pianos, and a continental divide. All on a theme of Paganini.
rive059 Eucci, The Mercer Installation
Finest curated performance and installation piece for what still should have been our Saturday, recorded on site for exhibition. "The Mercer Installation" is a new public rendering of "The Mercer [rive045]" for The KCMC Spring/Summer Collection 2011.
rive009 Eucci, Pachyderm
Finest early days tape collage, this long out of print tape from 1994 is finally available again. To paraphrase Milhouse, "Remember Pachyderm? It's back, in download form!" 45+ minutes of everything. Includes songwriting tips for the mechanically inclined.

Winter 2010-2011

rive058 eucci_.deadscsi_.bits;
Eucci's contributions to the gone deadscsi project from radiantslab, done circa 2000-2003. Spectrums that will make you gasp.
rive028 Eucci, La Mer / Storm Summer Girls (Remastered)
Eucci's tiny sounds take us to the beach - three beaches in fact - and then into the mountains for three variations on a summer storm. Rain, sun, piers, lakes, joy, and longing permutate this new 33 minute package of seasonal goodness. Refreshingly remastered to help you dream of summer 2011 and beyond.
rive057 Eucci at the Jenifer St Western
Recorded live at and in memory of the jenifer st western hotel, jun 2000; remastered sep 2010. Lovingly re-released to the public after a decade in luxury obscurity.
rive056 Eucci, Ofiliasc
Finest Eucci all stripped down dance and relaxation moves.

Summer 2009

rive029 Eucci, Bright Lights and Cold Wet Sand [MP3,Remastered]
First release of the unofficial Eucci, Revisited series, Bright Lights and Cold Wet Sand is now available, remastered, and in higher quality mp3 formats.

Summer 2008

rive055 aodl, Scab Vodka Melt
Unused tracks dragged out into the public square for a good and solid beating. It only makes them stronger, and you won't measure up.

Exclusively for Red Light Books SLC

Spring 2008

rive054 The Audio ELW, Sleeper #4721 [MP3]
Up one path and down the other. Four tracks by Jeff Shell and Cybele Roland for The Audio ELW, recorded late 1999. "Resurrection Restraint" recombines the soundtracks for the Unusual Restraint paintings and may be seen as a precursor to Eucci with its sparse analog production. "Sleeper #4721" is exactly what it says it is, with a bonus trip to the market. "A Misaligned Coil" and "A Violent Compression" basically untouched from their appearance on the long gone album "The Earth Shrunk On Speed".

Winter 2007-2008

rive053 Eucci, LGL Winter
Another Eucci travel piece - "Finest wintertime desolation - our favorite summertime town in winter, with summer houses empty and fields, marshes, and water's edges smothered by snow and ice."

Autumn 2007

rive052 Eucci, Dirty Modern Tapes, Fall 2007 [MP3]
The stylistic expansion and exploration started in Eucci's "Storm Summer Sunhill" continues with jazz and breakcore joining a near classical collection of analog / electro-acoustic bursts of flavor. The heavy use of tape in recording and assembling the final product yields a warm and gritty sound. Dirty modern indeed.

Winter 2006

rive-048 aodl, Tangle Strangle [MP3]
A collection of edited bootlegs, self and audience recorded, of AODL performances between November 2004 and August 2005. Murky and phased, the dust and tequila and shady electrical system of the metal shop seem to linger around the tape and minidisc sources used.
rive-051 Eucci, Raw Cotton [MP3]
Remnants and fragments from 2000-2005 that never found their way into a finished product. A rare glimpse inside Eucci's production methods and studios. Low ambient noises, cut up percussion beats, scratches, series, and transformations.
rive-050 Eucci, Table Stories [MP3]
Installation recording of the Table Stories composition. Generative electronic music in the old style - blips, banks, horns, with musique concrete touches of the installation environment.
rive-049 Eucci, More of the Ocean [MP3]
Harsh and lovely minimalism featuring bowed frequencies, guitar, and percussive bursts.

Summer 2005

rive-047 Eucci, Catalog Life [MP3]
Scenes from a life that inspired a summer catalog collection.
Jeff Shell's Eucci brings banjo, rhodes, aggressive leads, and more and runs it through the minimalist musique concrete tape machine, bringing a cut up and softly distorted sound to faintly recognizable objects and a touch of bluegrass.

Percussion, pops, and dusty instruments swarm around your ears like summer dreams in urban parks.
rive-046 Eucci, tah'naer (Halo and LGL Variations) [MP3]
Piano, prepared electric piano and tape variations of "tah'naer", a composition for piano, hospital, and typewriters by J.Shell.

tah'naer: Jeff Shell (Scream Sheet Studios, 1995)
Halo Variation: Fay Marcy (Halo Auditorium, 1999)
LGL Variation: Jeff Shell for Eucci (Eucci Pierpont 2005)
Halo + LGL Variations: Jeff Shell (Eucci Pierpont 2005)

Spring 2005

rive-045 Eucci, The Mercer [MP3]
Gritty tapes paint a downtown setting. Environmental sounds, sparse electronics, organ, and piano fill out a large and empty space. The leftover feel of memory and longing mark this as one of the most haunting and intimate releases yet from Eucci.

Winter 04/05

rive-044 aodl, Bach Spring [MP3]
33 Minutes. One track from two layered electroacoustic sessions. Heavy on metals. Less aggressive than typical aodl releases, but no less harsh.
rive-043 aodl, Scratch Point [MP3]
28 minutes of new online aodl material, continuing in the line of harsh noise release. Razorhug is harsh and aggressive, culled from a private performance in late fall 2004. Polymeric Lodowick has a soothing and rolling quality while remaining harsh and abrasive. Originally recorded in Summer 2004 prior to Muse Pile.

Autumn 2004

rive-042 aodl, "Sin, Salt, and Gin" [MP3]
Autumn special 2004, taken over this season by aodl. Ten minutes. Harsh, gutteral, even lyrical? After a season of summer focused albums and singles, aodl looks back and addresses the remains, the outcomes, and new desires.
rive-041 aodl, Bustle Harsh Country Raw [C60]
Filled with relentless gutteral intensity. aodl's machines find new models, characters, and even a spectral cheer baby to work with and release in the energy filled and overheated West Merediths.

Summer 2004

rive-040 aodl, Cleavage Steamer [MP3]
Physical contact, metals, synths, knobs, voices, bondage tape, switches. Searing highs and grumbling lows mark the waves of summer and nasty surprises left behind. High amounts of calcium and fiber.
rive-039 aodl, Muse Pile [CDR]
62 minutes of shrill metals, feedback, voices, all in double live concrete format. Harsh and primal sessions from a West Merediths heat wave.
rive-038 My TV Wife Knows Too Much [MP3]
An hour of tape collage, filter chirps, and crunchy guitars. Six years of life in The Halo District.
rive-037 My TV Wife's First Assault [MP3]
Acoustic non-jazz singalongs and mayhem from 1995 in this first known occurance of My TV Wife.
rive-036 aodl, Southbound Blanket [MP3]
For a season of sunsets, glass, rocks, skin, and whiskey. Big noise summer fun from the hard bodies in the sun baked concrete+iron playpen known as West Meredith's.

Luxury Spring 2004

rive-035 aodl, If You Really Love Us
New big noise material from the Redbox year.
rive-034 Eucci, apt. [CDR]
Unprocessed locational recordings of leaving home.
rive-033 Eucci, Laa 3 [CDR]
From the Laa series of limited publications. Just over an hour of very bare electroacoustics. Slow bubbles in tepid water.
rive-031 aodl, Pachyderm y10 [??]
1994 collage release Pachyderm in 10th anniversary edition, with extra work from 1999 and 2003. Also includes Tune the Bean Jam, built from the rough live recording sessions used for Redbox.
rive-030 aodl, Redbox [2cd]
Conspicuous Chamber Kana / Whiskey KCSE
Double noise album combining various efforts, public and private, from 2003 and 2004, in special packaging. Includes soundtracks for the Kate Cheuffer Sleep Experiments installation, the double live concrete tapes, Marla Singer Hegemon, and more. 140 minutes.

Winter 2004

rive-032 aodl, Whiskey Valentines [mp3]
Two tracks from the Redbox 2cd set available online for free. Includes Marla Singer Hegemon, written exclusively for whiskey valentines (a proud tradition of the Eucci Group).


rive-029 Eucci, Bright Lights and Cold Wet Sand
Heartache? Nostalgia? Unintended sessions open old tapes and ideas to this quiet feature length release where even tape hiss becomes an instrument. Featuring the North Rutherford Chamber Society (friends of the ELW and participants in Fay Marcy's Rapid Composure Series), Sackcloth and Ashes, and a reconstructed moment from the unfinished radio play sessions, Piano Rose - described by an early listener as "near the four most beautiful minutes of my life".
rive-028 Eucci, La Mer / Storm Summer Girls
Eucci's tiny sounds take us to the beach - three beaches in fact - and then into the mountains for three variations on a summer storm. Rain, sun, piers, lakes, joy, and longing permutate this new 33 minute package of seasonal goodness.
rive-027B Eucci, Tied You Up, Placed in Tube
2nd edition, July 21 2003. Expanded to include the Scar Scar / Feed Circuit single. 18 minutes of new material and a new design have been applied to this heralded noise release.
rive-026 ELW/EUCCI still cooler muse
Recompiled collection of live recordings and bootlegs from 1999 and 2001.
rive-024 Eucci & Co. gdbodycount
All new protest and anti protest recordings from My TV Wife, ELW, and Eucci.
rive-023 Eucci, kate cheuffer stripped bare
Installation dumps for the Kate Cheuffer Music Conservatory, 2001-2002.
rive-022 new york elw 1999
The 2001 packaging of some ELW treasures.
rive-021 Eucci, Industrie
Second edition of long lost .tiln release.
rive-020 Eucci, "Strawhill / UDD"
EUCCI teams up with Fay Marcy for minimalist static bursts. EUCCI and Kate Cheuffer deliver a chilling work originally earmarked for Kate's "Projects for Prisons."


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