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AODL - Debris of Romanticism and Juice Machine Split

AODL returns in Summer 2014 with a pair of new releases: Debris of Romanticism (online) and a split with Juice Machine (cassette). Both hail from the Cell System Era of AODL, kicking the brutal legacy forward while sneaking back to The Great Egg Uprising in a surprising open for the Juice Machine split, which works as a strange complementary contrast to the Juice Machine half.

Debris of Romanticism marks a decade or a century of futurist lust and panic. It is a force, and is available on Rive.

Both sides of the Juice Machine Split is a great showcase of electronic squelches and harmonics; beautiful and dissonant; tonal and atonal. It is available from Hal Harmon’s excellent Forever Escaping Boredom label as a C22 with downloads.


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