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AODL Collaborations and Splits, 2014

AODL keeps it pulsing with a pair of collaborations and splits. First up, Shatterbrain Harriet downloadable as rive067 and also in extremely limited cassette release. Shatterbrain Harriet grinds up late night mistakes made with Erik Adams (Sonic Disorder) and Tia Martinez (Radio Club, I Hate Girls With Bruises) after leaving the recordings to rot in the sun for a year before final seasoning. Heavy, thick, squealing noise and uneven time machines.

And then there’s the AODL & Dental Work Split on Placenta Recordings, featuring (obviously) AODL and Dental Work. We schemed this up when running into each other on a cross country train. This is what happens in a railroad lounge car in the middle of Iowa, late into the night.


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