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AODL at St Pete Noise Fest, Nov 1-2 2013

AODL will be appearing live at the St Petersburg Noise Fest. This epic and free two day event runs for two nights, November 1 and 2 2013, at The Venture Compound (location). AODL will be onstage for the second night, Nov 2, at around 12:20 am, followed by our friends, Dental Work, at 12:35.

Cassettes of this years terrific releases, Arsenblotz 63 and the Muse Pile remastered reissue will be available at the show. Stray copies of other recent favorites such as Southern Muscle might be on hand as well.

This will be the first performance to feature the new Cell System AODL gear and promises to be louder and more brutal than ever.

Visit the Facebook event pages for day 1 and day 2 for the full lineup. 29 acts on day 2?! Awesome


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