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AODL - Muse Pile Reissue, Arsenblotz 63, Southern Muscle

The first half of 2013 saw the release of a couple of interesting tapes by AODL. The first being a rerelease of Muse Pile, the 2004 classic, on Fusty Cunt Tapes in their February 2013 batch. This gigantic wall-of-noise release was really the first proper AODL album, after the transition period from the Red Box and related singles. Now finally released in larger quality, this version is also remastered for extra tectonic goodness, featuring new artwork that includes photographs taken under the summer storms and industrial playgrounds I was visiting before hurrying home to record this muse grudge fantasy.

This summer has also seen the release of Arsenblotz 63 on Red Light Sound, a new pro tape. In contrast to the thick slow moving walls of Muse Pile, Arsenblotz 63 is fast, rich, and dynamic, continuing the patterns of higher fidelity, richer range, and throbbing dynamism of Southern Muscle and Wanted Valley, forming an unofficial Denver Noise Fest trilogy.

Breaking new ground in his brutal legacy, showcasing a mastery of savage analog maximalism. layer upon hi-fi layer of seething industrial electronics cascading ferociously. survivor love celebrating 100 years of futurist lust…all too beautiful. - Red Light Sound, on Arsenblotz 63.

Finally, this summer has also seen the 2012 cassette Southern Muscle re-issued as a downloadable release on Bandcamp. Visit the Southern Muscle release page for details.


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