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Eucci, “Dirty Modern Tapes, Summer 2013” Released

Eucci returns with an all new, all analog, monotracked release, Dirty Modern Tapes, Summer 2013 (rive064). A return to the Flex Loft Showcase at Montague Scrap, Summer 2013, featuring the “Cell System AODL” nascent modular. Generative installation electro- acoustics as a follow-up to Flex Loft from the Fall 2007 edition. This also adds to the Table Stories series of longer generative pieces.

Unlike Table Stories and Flex Loft, this is the first Eucci release since 2000 to be completely analog, bypassing the computer, while still keeping with the original goals of Eucci and hearkening back to The Audio ELW experiments of 1999.

Enjoy Dirty Modern Tapes, Summer 2013 today while packing up the bay house and prepare to go back to the city. The summer’s last smells still surround you.


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